Dokada Arabians

Mt. Horeb, MI

MEI Sonrosette BC

MEI Sonrosette BC
Sonja is always ready for a trail ride. She loves going down the trail as much as I do--forever curious about what is over the next hill.
She was certified as a "Michigan Trail Horse" September 1997 when we enjoyed the Michigan Shore to Shore Trail with the Michigan Trail Riders Association. About 230 miles in 10 days.

DKD Perestroika

Too many horses. Stroika is regretfully offered For Sale

DKD Perestroika June 1996

Stroika earned his registry with the Michigan Trail Riders Association
by completing their 230 mile Shore to Shore Trail Ride as a 5 year old
in June 1996.

Fun to ride, he travels equally well under english or western tack.
He also drives. He has pulled buggies, carts, and wagons,
even lining up with the buses to pick kids up after school!

Stroika and I took beginning dressage lessons together where
he learned quickly despite the handicap of a rider who knew no more that he did
He has a long reaching stride with lots of drive
as well as the flexibility to excel in dressage.

He made his second complete Shore to Shore ride June 1999.
We competed in our first 50 mile endurance ride July 1999.
I wear my completion award T-shirt with pride but
Stroika is far better at that game than I am.
I really slow him down.

DKD Perestroika--10 May 1999
DKD Perestroika--10 May 1999

DKD Perestroika--10 May 1999

Dokada Pride

Baby Pride Painting

Pride at one week old, 1994.
This adorable baby is now 6 years old.
Owner Karen Dochterman left him with me when she left home for college.
I don't think she will ever get him back!
I rode him 4 days on the Shore to Shore trails last summer and
fell head over heels in love with him

Dokada Pride 1999

Showing Horses is Hard Work

Asleep in the wheelbarrow
Jessica Dochterman after PeeWee Showmanship and Leadline Classes at the
1996 Midland County Fair.

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